The Listening Program is a daily music listening practice that will improve your
attention, memory, listening, creativity and communication.

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A Fusion of
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Our customers enjoy reduced stress and often life-changing results in their daily lives at school, work and home - just by sitting back and listening to our acoustically modified music for 15 minutes a day.
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"My favorite thing is when you have the nature sounds and you're doing the bone conduction. It helped me sleep and it helped me read better and do better in school."
~ Zachary Ernest
"My son's experience with this has been amazing and my experience watching him has been amazing. For an auditory integration therapy, I believe it's the best one out there."
~ Kristin Selby Gonzalez
"It's amazing how 'back on track' I am since I have been listening more regularly! I was seriously spacey for a few days there... I love TLP OnlineĀ… I honesty crave my daily listening!"
~ Robyn Drothler
"I see the results of The listening Program day to day with children with a variety of challenges, with children who are normally developing, with adults."
~ Alan Heath
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