Although we LOVE the holiday season, finding time to do everything on our Christmas to-do list can be hella stressful. From planning the Christmas dinner menu to buying (and wrapping) gifts for him and her, there's just too much to do... and not enough time to do it. But since stress can have seriously scary effects on your body...
If you are having difficulty sleeping, grab your iPhone, log on to iTunes and check out these 5 incredible apps to help you sleep so you can reap the health and wellness benefits of what Arianna Huffington has termed "the sleep revolution"...
From data analysis to innovative wearables, new companies are working on solutions for Americans' sleep problems. A whole panoply of new sleep apps, sites, and devices are waking up the digital health industry–and they go far beyond the tracker market...
Whether it's a racing mind, your Twitter feed or that post-curfew coffee keeping you awake at night - you're not alone. But while the latest figures suggest we're a restless nation, the Holy Grail of a decent night's sleep is not beyond our grasp...
The world of human behavior is vast, innovative and always evolving. Trying to stay up-to-date on the newest discoveries may seem like an impossible task – until now! We have combined a list of some of the most influential and revolutionary profiles in the industry, ranging from neuroscientists and marketers to key authors and journalists...
Your brain has a natural ability to physically change itself by creating new pathways and connections in response to your experiences, this is called neuroplasticity. Plasticity can be positively stimulated by engaging in the right activities, often enough, over a sufficient period of time, resulting in positive life changes...
If you're having trouble getting yourself to sleep, perhaps you need something to ease yourself into it. SOMETIMES, THE MOST difficult part about getting enough shuteye is falling asleep in the first place...
There's nothing quite like the feeling of dread and anxiety that comes with lying in bed knowing you can't fall asleep, especially if you know you have an early day. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), one-quarter of the U.S. population reports not getting enough sleep at night, and almost 10 percent suffers from chronic insomnia...
Have you been struggling to get snoozing lately? It can be hard to fall asleep – and since sleep is so pivotal to your health (there are scary side effects of not sleeping enough!), you've gotta take the extra steps to ensure a sound, restorative slumber...
Sleep is a necessary part of life. Unfortunately, it can be elusive. Whether it's because of worries on your mind or simply an uncommon feeling of restlessness, you've probably had trouble sleeping at some point. Fortunately, there are apps out there keen to help you regain some control over your sleeping pattern...
Advanced Brain Technologies, creators of The Listening Program®, a provider of evidence-based music programs and products for improving brain function, today announced the publication of a new study titled "A Quantitative Summary of The Listening Program (TLP) Efficacy Studies: What Areas Were Found to Improve by TLP Intervention?" that shows quantitative benefits in children with...
Advanced Brain Technologies announces that it is now an approved provider for the TRICARE Extended Care Health Option (ECHO), making its innovative neuroscience based music programs for brain training available to qualifying beneficiaries with special needs....
Advanced Brain Technologies (ABT) announces that it is partnering with Pathways for Veterans to offer its neuroscience based music programs for brain training to help provide relief to veterans suffering from symptoms of PTSD, TBI, anxiety and insomnia....
È stato firmato ieri l'accordo tra l'IC Randi di Ravenna e il Lions Club Ravenna Romagna Padusa, per la sperimentazione di un progetto pilota di musicoterapia con il metodo "The ListeningProgram". Il metodo, molto diffuso negli Stati Uniti...
Get some tech-assisted shut-eye! Here are some statistics on sleep for you: according to the UK Sleep Council, nearly half of us are getting just six hours sleep or less a night, and four out of five people think they aren't getting enough. That's alarming considering how important sleep is to our overall health...
This is going to be the year we finally catch up on our sleep?mark our words! Forget counting sheep, eye masks, and "picturing our happy place"–we're heading straight for a technological solution. Sleep Genius, a scientifically advanced sleep program...
Твой Малыш расскажет о новой технологии, которая поможет в развитии детей, имеющих проблемы с обучением и поведением. Прочитай подробности...
The Sleep Genius app, available on all major app stores, enables users to sleep better. It was developed by licensing NASA's technology that enables...
Having trouble getting a good night's sleep? Here's some technology that can really help.
NASA-funded research has found that the body's balance-regulating vestibular system induces sleep when subjected to low-amplitude vibration (similar to rocking a baby).
Everyone is sleep deprived. Especially entrepreneurs and startup founders. Is sleep a real necessity? What can you do besides take Ambien? Alex and Alex talk about what works and ideas and tips to get the most out of your sleep so you can perform at the highest of levels in your work and personal life.
New Research Demonstrates Efficacy of inTime a Novel Intervention of Rhythm-Based Music Listening Therapy to Help Children Overcome Learning Disabilities.
In this video Max sits down with Alex Doman, creator of The Listening Program, to learn about how music and sound can heal and enhance your brain.
Nacho Arimany is more than a multi-instrumentalist with a special ear for world percussion, he's a translator, and a channel for creating dialogue between different cultures. This dialogue is spoken through rhythm, and Arimany said this language is universal and spoken by all of us.
FIRST ON 7: A young Karana Downs woman who nearly died in a car crash in 2012 has made an incredible recovery with the help of music therapy. Chris Campey reports.
An Adelaide company has helped a teen recover from a car crash that left her with a three percent chance of survival. Samantha Okely reports.
It's time to get some sleep. At least, that's what I've been trying to tell myself. But like most of us, I have a hard time catching some zzz's. The minute my head hits the pillow
Technology, for all its merits, hasn't been great for our sleep cycles. Science pretty much agrees that using technology in the bedroom, from iPads to Kindles, is universally bad for you
In Russian: Thursday, May 21, 2015, the press center of MIA "Russia Today" has started a three-day International Scientific and Practical Conference "Autism. Challenges and solutions."
Can you train your hearing to make it better? Can this be used to reduce stress and to work harder for longer?
Alex Doman - CEO of Advanced Brain Technologies: Sound & Music Therapy & Neuroscience
The Listening Program has been in practice for four years and some say it's ahead of its time thanks to the programs ability to help children with special needs at Brooke County Schools.
How astronaut technology has found its way into drugstores and hospitals. In 2001, NASA commissioned a team of neuroscience researchers at the State University of New York at Stony Brook to figure out how to help astronauts maintain normal sleep patterns...
"Healing at the Speed of Sound on Recovery Now with Kim Justus. Alex Doman is founder and CEO of Advanced Brain Technologies, founder of Sleep Genius, and bestselling co-author of Healing at the Speed of Sound®."
Advanced Brain Technologies today announced the release of a new study that provides more evidence that a rhythm-based music listening therapy method called inTime may be helpful for children with autism, Down syndrome, apraxia, dyspraxia, developmental delays, and other special health care needs.
NASA Technology: With demanding schedules, a sunrise or sunset every 45 minutes, and extremely noisy surroundings, it's understandable why many astronauts onboard the International Space Station suffer from insomnia in the early stages of a mission.
Advanced Brain Technologies announces that a groundbreaking new study provides more evidence that music listening therapy is a valuable intervention for sensory issues related to Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD).
Music can make you cry, laugh, feel excited or angry. It's a powerful medium that can be used as a tool if we know how to use it. Experts say music can improve our mood and even change behavior.
Simply by listening to the right things, at the right times, people can improve their mental state and brain capacity.
La Clínica Rivas inició una experiencia con este programa implementándolo en niños con discapacidad auditiva en Colombia, se muestra como una alternativa complementaria a los procesos de rehabilitación
Ogden (June 19, 2014) — Advanced Brain Technologies (ABT) announces that it has been named a preferred partner to Genesis Rehab Services (GRS) based in Kennett Square, PA.
Even before we were born, the sound is essential to the development of the organism. The pulse of the mother soothes, but also it had an impact on the body and the rhythm of nature, the seasons, gait, speech ...
The inTime method provides a personalized program of listening training and fun beat-based activities, using body, drum, and voice to stimulate changes in self-regulation, sensory-motor function, and interaction.
Listen to the interview with Alex Doman as he makes his appearance on "The Healing Sounds Show with Jonathan Goldman", part of the radio network.
Listen to the interview with Onda Cero Radio as Nacho Arimany discusses inTime.
Kids out of sync...ADHD, autism, learning and memory problems...Now the amazing remedy - an Adelaide first - helping the kids get back on track.
"Flamenco meets Neuroscience at the New York's Rockerfeller University. Two years of intense work devoted to compose and record musical pieces in combination with the lastest advances in neuroscience sound therapy..."
"In the short term, a lack of adequate sleep can affect judgment, mood, ability to learn and retain information, and may increase the risk of serious accidents and injury," says Doman, adding that over time the effects may be even more grave..."
"TLP SLEEP uses a proprietary combination of nearly-inaudible sounds embedded in beautiful music to help children and adults achieve a sleep that’s natural, easy, restful and refreshing."
"The word "sound" can be synonymous with noise. Noise in turn brings to mind unpleasantness, disturbance and even nausea. In fact, nausea and noise share the same etymological root, from the Latin for seasickness. When you are seasick you are queasy and off balance."
Exclusive multi-sensory headphones and amplification system has been optimized for The Listening Program, improving lives through sound brain fitness...
Join me and my guest, Alex Doman, as we talk about the importance of sound in our lives and how it can affect our health...
"Can we use sound to improve our lives and achieve our goals? Authors Don Campbell, who wrote the bestselling book 'The Mozart Effect,' and Alex Doman, an expert in the practical application of sound and listening..."
TLP Achieve™; was created to increase mental performance and is our newest addition to The Listening Program® family of evidence-based music solutions.
"Anti-Aging Psychologist Dr. Michael Brickey, host of Ageless Lifestyles®, interviews Alex Doman, co-author of Healing at the Speed of Sound® and Founder of Advanced Brain Technologies."
"Many children diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder are described as having auditory hypersensitivities. This paper describes auditory hypersensistivies in children..."
Los Angeles (April 2012) Generation Rescue is pleased to announce a new partnership with Advanced Brain Technologies to support the Rescue Family grant program.
TLP Spectrum™; a new auditory program for at home use, to improve sound brain fitness and reduce sensory sensitivities in children and adults who are or who may become hypersensitive to sounds.
"with complex songs, your brain will try to engage with the beats and rhythms rather than focusing on the task at hand, explains Alex Doman, founder and CEO of Advanced Brain Technologies in Ogden, Utah, and the author of Healing at the Speed of Sound."
"I know the power of music from experience, though scientific proof has lately been gathered up and packaged in Healing at the Speed of Sound, a book by Don Campbell and brain researcher Alex Doman, whose collaboration includes musical prescriptions for what may ail you..."
Alex Doman, founder and CEO of Advanced Brain Technologies, joins Teri to talk about different listening therapies. In Part I on January 17, Alex and Teri talked about his book with Don Campbell
Pia Linstrom interviews Alex Doman, author of Healing at the Speed of Sound, How What We Hear Transforms Our Brain And Our Lives.
Alex Doman, founder and CEO of Advanced Brain Technologies, joins Teri to talk about his book with Don Campbell: Healing at the Speed of Sound.
"Our first sense is our sense of hearing. Our experience of our world begins in utero..." NOTE: That the interview begins half way through the audio file.
"ABT aims to do the opposite by using specially created music that enables the brain to change itself and improve functions for people, Doman said..."
"Yeah, I think we first of all need to look at the intuitive -- what feels right to us is what's right. But we like to give people a direction in terms of what they can look at in creating their own personal playlist..."
"Apple has released its iTunes Rewind selections for 2011, revealing the best music, apps, TV shows, movies, books and podcasts of the year..."
"So you woke up this morning grumpy, feeling like you just couldn't get going? Chances are, Campbell and Doman say, you need to change your first-thing-in-the-morning sound..."
"Dennis talks to Don Campbell and Alex Doman. Their new book is Healing at the Speed of Sound: How What We Hear Transforms Our Brains and Our Lives..."
"This is one of those books that makes me keep saying, "Wow." Not only does it contain scientific information from two highly accomplished sound and music experts..."
"Have you ever read a book about a band or musician's life that mentions numerous songs throughout? You take mental notes of songs to look up when you're near a computer, but you often forget to do so..."
"His newest book "Healing at the Speed of Sound," written with coauthor Alex Doman, reveals the link between sound and health and provides techniques for improving your mood, concentration, and creativity through music and sound..."
"Music has a "priming effect" on the brain, helping us to hit and hold a ready state, says Alex Doman, founder and chief executive of Advanced Brain Technologies, an Ogden, Utah, company that makes customized "Listening Programs,"..."
"The authors of Healing at the Speed of Sound do an excellent job of providing readers with solid scientific evidence in easy-to-understand terms. In addition, they take that information and provide readers with suggestions of how to apply it in their lives, neighborhoods, and society..."
"Tune in to hear Don Campbell and Alex Domain, authors of a new book called "Healing at the Speed of Sound: How What We Hear Transforms Our Brains and Our Lives", From Music to Silence and Everything in Between..."
"There is an undeniable relationship between sound and our mood. Music can amp a person up for a workout or calm a person down when they are stressed..."
"Sonic drugs - also known as "digital drugs"... I-dosing websites claim that listening to specific sound can make someone feel as if they've taken actual drugs. "What you are experiencing is the sound created by the brain, not what is coming through the headphones," said Alex Doman..."
"Music can completely remix your mood, says producer Alex Doman, coauthor of Healing at the Speed of Sound, which explores the science of how tunes affect the mind..."
"In their new book, "Healing at the Speed of Sound," Don Campbell, an author who has written extensively about music and health, and Alex Doman, a specialist in technology in brain function, take an extensive survey about what the latest neuroscientific findings tell us about music and the brain..."
"In Healing at the Speed of Sound (Hudson Street Press, 2011), the authors explore how we can use different soundtracks and even silence to tap into our brain's creative side and to make us more efficient, relaxed and healthy..."
"On today's show, Don Campbell tells us how we can use music to become more relaxed, productive and even healthier..."
"Featuring Alex Doman interviewed by Michael Dresser on his new book Healing at the Speed of Sound..."
"That's why author Don Campbell believes getting the right mix of sounds is critical to our well-being. He explains how a healthy sound diet can help us, our families and our workplaces become more productive, relaxed and even smarter..."
"And noise that goes unharnessed can not only be a nuisance but also a health hazard, according to Alex Doman, who co-authored the new book Healing At The Speed Of Sound..."
"Don Campbell will be talking about Healing at the Speed of Sound. In Campbell's unique view, music is not only a rich and rewarding aesthetic experience, but also an easily accessible bridge to a more creative..."
"Music goes through the brain first -- which controls how your body reacts to the sounds," said Alex Doman, who studies the brain and is the author of 'Healing at the Speed of Sound'...
"The click of keys on a typewriter. The buzz of cars outside your window. The sound of silence. Sound is everywhere, it is universal and it is one of the most powerful tools you have access to in your life..."
Don Campbell, co-author of the new book Healing at the Speed of Sound, explains how consciouis listening can lead to less stress and higher productivity...
"We know what happens when we consume cheeseburgers or cigarettes. But we know less about the effects of a toxic-noise diet. This book aims to change that..."
"In this episode of Light Transitions Radio, we spend time with one of the true visionaries in the field of sound and music healing, Don Campbell. Imagine how our lives would be different..."
"Author Don Campbell, who penned the bestselling The Mozart Effect, has a new enhanced eBook available from Hudson Street Press called Healing at the Speed of Sound..."
"Our guest this week is HEALING AT THE SPEED OF SOUND author Alex Doman of Advanced Brain Technologies (creators of The Listening Program, a program that treats auditory processing disorder, which many people with autism have..."
"If you play an instrument, this should be music to your ears: According to a new study in Psychology and Aging, lifelong musicians experience fewer age-related hearing problems than non-musicians..."
"A book to be released this fall by Ogden resident Alex Doman and Colorado author Don Campbell will seek to scientifically prove what Dylan once sang – that sound can soothe and offer a passage to better health..."
"OGDEN -- For our ancestors, detecting the low growl of a lion, nearly undetectable because of rushing water, whistling winds and bird calls, could mean the difference between life and death...."